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Monday, 3 March 2008

Happy Birthday Tim-in-law!

Miss 11 was the photographer on Saturday afternoon at Picklesticks' bloke's birthday picnic. These photos are her view from the picnic rug. It was a beautiful day. Warm, but it never feels too warm under the trees at Tusmore Park. The energetic played cricket. And had a wonderful time! The ball only went over the fence once (the perfect "backyard" cricket game!). They also played frizbee. The not quite as athletic ones sat and knitted and crotcheted. Rugs for the forthcoming Picklesticks baby grew a little more. The sci-fi inclined "talked Dr Who". All in all the perfect birthday picnic. Today is the "actual" birthday. Happy Birthday Tim!


Bird Bath said...

Sounds like the perfect picnic! Nice shots of the park. I love seeing the perspective from young photographers. My kindy girl takes some cracker photos :)

dutchcomfort said...

Happy birthday to Tim-in-law!