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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easter Baskets!

Miss 11 has been busy making chocolate eggs and easter baskets to put them in. She was initially planning to sew felt baskets, but decided this afternoon to experiment with woven paper baskets.

Her first basket turned out beautifully. She had so much fun that she decided to make a bunny tonight too. Her bunny is so cute (I'll have to take a photo tomorrow!). How are your easter plans going? Now that the weather is a little cooler we went out and bought some easter eggs. Can you imagine what they would have been like hidden in my room at a temperature of 41 degrees? Flat easter eggs! So now the hunt will go on!


Louise said...

My easter plans are fine, if only they could have planned the weather better, we are in for a windy, wet and cold weekend. Perfect for keeping those eggs cool! x

Anonymous said...

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Katherine said...

Very clever idea! The basket is so sweet. Hope the cooler weather holds for your egg hunt. Flat eggs aren't as much fun. LOL

Levin said...

gorgeous baskets. i am planning on making some with the kids today.
i bought some eggs some time ago and they have been in my cupboard through most of the heatwave. i'm too scared to look and see what state they are in.

Bird Bath said...

nice work on the basket:) I postponed the chocolate shopping worried about those chocolate pudles too. We will try a bit of egg dying on Saturday...and have an egghunt on Sunday.Now that it's cooled down I feel like baking too.