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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Woodside (the things you do when it cools down!)

My favourite quilting shop is in Woodside. Today I felt the need to go to a quilt shop, so we headed off to the patchwork apple. There were five of us on the journey. Usually the kids aren't that interested in quilt shops but today's trip was mixed with a trip to the library, a picnic on our favourite bench, a visit to the playground, and a visit to the lolly shop in Hahndorf. We have been stuck at home keeping cool for 2 weeks now and we all just needed to get out!

The playground.

And the fabric.

Traditional patterns with blue, brown and green. (A combination I love at the moment)

And dots and dashes. (The little brother and sister of spots and stripes!) Ahh! Fabricy goodness.

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Levin said...

ooooh i didn't know there was a quilting shop in woodside! emily and i might have to go. and on our way we will stop and have a pretzel in hahndorf. it sounds like a great thing to do.
have you ever been to hettie's patch? it's my favourite quilting ship but to be honest its the only dedicated quilting shop i've been to!