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Saturday, 29 March 2008


These are the bunnies I talked about more than a week ago, that Miss 11 made. She was also the photographer. Mrs 23 designed the pattern. Mr 19 made the first one - for a girl! - that inspired everyone else. Mr 13 also made one and we sent it to Miss 21 who is overseas.

They were all very cute. Cute, but different! Mr 19's was light brown and Mr 13's was a white rabbit with red accents. The boy's bunnies escaped our house without being photographed!

Goodbye bunnies! They're hopping off home!


dutchcomfort said...

Miss 11 did a great job making these bunnis! Talent glimmers!

Louise said...

Those little bunnies in the last photo, look as if they are racing off in search of a nice plant or two? x

Joey said...

here is a pic of my bunnie


Katherine said...

These are adorable! What a collaboration from your talented offspring.