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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I Love This!

I have been busy tidying and organising my sewing room. I have also been working on some clothes too. This is one of my favourite tools. I use it in just about every room in our house. I label things in the hope that it will help someone put things back where they belong! As you can see, I'm an optimist! I go through metres of plastic tape and feel just as excited as I did when I used my mother's old-school dymo label maker as a child. (I think I bought this brand because I remembered my Mum's old one!) Just holding it makes me feel efficient. Anyway, back to the labelling!

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Cosy said...

I love my labeller too. I foolishly took it to work where it got hammered to death. So I bought a work one and it is invaluable.