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Sunday, 16 March 2008

One of those Days...

I have a basket of goodies which I am working my way through. Here it is on Saturday. I really dislike cutting out clothing, which is kind of sad when you consider how much I like to sew it! My loved ones quite often take pity on me and help me out by cutting out for me. (I have taught most of the kids and the husband to "cut out".) In the basket I had the shirt that Mrs 23 cut out, pajamas that my Mum had cut out, skirts that Misses 15 and 17 cut out together, Nighties I cut out (yeah, wonders will never cease), and tops that Mrs 23 cut out. The basket is part of my new getting organised strategy, sometimes I "misplace" things that have been cut out, but no more!

Today I finished a pair of pajamas for Mr 7. They are a second pair of zebra summer pajamas that I started, but didn't finish at the beginning of summer. I think I had mentally given up on them because it's no longer summer. Of course our 200 days over 35 changed my mind! (Okay, maybe it's not 200, but I am so over this heatwave it certainly feels like 2oo!) Today was another 40 degree day. (104 F) Back to the sewing! After the pajamas I started on another top for Miss 11. I made one last week, but today I just couldn't get it right! After unpicking for the fifth time I gave up. I think I'm tired. I guess I will sew another day!

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Bird Bath said...

Sounds like your household has been keeping busier than ours in the heatwave...I liked your photos and description of the lights.And the playdough-thon looked great-Funny how the older kids like to revisit fun! Mine have been building igloos form wet sheets to keep cool. Hope that cool change rocks in tommorow:)))