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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Ultimate DIY - Making Our Own Eggs

As I mentioned before the kids are preparing for Easter. Miss 11 has already made all of her Easter cards. She has a list of loved ones she would like to make felt baskets and hand molded chocolates for. I'm still not quite sure how far away it is. It's sad for such a dynamo to have an organisationally challenged mother. She came in to talk to me this afternoon. (Her latest batch of cookies were in the oven)
"Mum, Mr 7 thinks we should make our own eggs."
Hmmm..... Ok. I'm thinking, "How would we do that?". My mind is a blank. Then I see the light. Mr 7's favourite friends have chickens. He loves to help look after the chickens.
"Oh!", I say. "He thinks we should get chickens!".
She just looks at me strangely. I have the feeling that there's something I'm missing, yet I can't seem to work out what it is.
"No Mum! He thinks we should make Easter eggs for us too!"
Oh. And I thought I had a grip on the situation. So, when is Easter?

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