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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

It Rained!

And here is the proof. A total of 8.8mm yesterday and today. Such excitement at our house. Mr 7 grabbed a golf umbrella and paraded around on the paths out the back. Miss 11 and I were much more civilised. We waited till the rain stopped and tiptoed out in our bare feet to feel the puddles. Everyone else is much too grown-up to get excited about rain. Rain always used to be such a given. Growing up in Adelaide autumn and winter meant rain. Galoshes, raincoats and rainhats, rubber boots, walking to school and wearing slippers in class once you got there. Dad watching football on tv and Mum knitting whilst it rained outside. Washing drying infront of the gas heater. All of them happy memories. Now we wonder and talk about rain. I think we talk about it much more than it rains! We are expecting more rain over the next week or so and we're talking about it a lot. Maybe we talk about it so much because we can't water our gardens and our reservoirs are half empty. Maybe this winter it will rain so much we will complain! I hope so!


LittleBrownDog said...

Many thanks for your comment, Kris, and lovely to meet you! Have had a quick browse & like what I see - especially the fabric swatches three blogs down...

Hope you're all drying out a bit now - off to look at a map to find out exactly where Adelaide is.

LBD xx

Carolyn said...

After a downpour the other day, I drove past a little tacker and his mum as he jumped in puddles. He was dressed in his pjs and rubber boots. I waved at his mum because she and I were laughing so hard. It was just lovely. I don't think this little one had seen so much rain before. He jumped and jumped and jumped! Fell over and jumped some more!

Levin (and Emily) said...

isn't it the most beautiful sound you have heard lately - the sound of rain on the roof. it was so lovely to wake up to it.
now we wait for more, and more and more.


I am really pleased you have had some rain, and you need much more to fill up your reservoirs. We had a hosepipe ban a few years back in the southern part of the UK, but since then, we have had mega amounts of rain, so there shouldn't be any water shortage panic for this summer. x

Lorraine said...

Hi Kris - I was at the Patchwork Apple today - called in to see Jane and told her I had started a blog and she mentioned your blog so have come over to say hi! The rain was just fabulous - it was so nice to go to bed and hear the rain on the roof......hopefully there will be some more of it! I love going to the Patchwork Apple (never need an excuse!) and visiting with Jane. I have way too much fabric so tend to buy patterns and books (to give me ideas to use up the fabric!) Loved your blog...will stop by again soon.

Bird Bath said...

Ohhh the rain was special. There was a buzz of excitement at our house when it began. The littles wasted no time getting stuck in the mud and I still have a laundry sink full of muddy shoes :)but I'm pleased.