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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Northern Lights

Okay, so my photos are dreadful. I thought I had my camera in my bag when I ran out the door, but it wasn't there! Bradley took these on his trusty phone. I think the kids took photos on their phones too, but getting photos from them is difficult! (Theirs may be better cause teenagers tend to have fancier phones than their Dads do!) I just thought I would post these so you can see (sort of) what the effects on one building were.

In real life there was a lot less blur! The lights were just so beautiful! Great vibrant colours. This building also had a couple of other effects on it that I didn't have photos of. One of my favourites was one with printed music on it. There is a lawn infront of this building and we sat down amongst many other people and gasped when everyone else did when the lights changed. As they changed it was a though one set were turned off and the building was in darkness for a little while and then the new colours jumped out at you!

These lights gave the building a "sketched" appearance.

This one was very disney!

A sunburst!

Another of my favourites, a vine covered building. Sorry for the blurry photos! If you want to get a better idea of how wonderful these lights actually were go to Comfy Cosy (link in my blogs I visit!) and look at her great photography!


Cosy said...

Your photos are great. Like you, I used my phone but don't think my camera would have been much better. I'm no good in 'low light'.

Wasn't it great when the images changed and everyone oohed and aahed!? It was a great atmosphere.

I almost wish it was a permanent thing but on the other hand, it's special as a temporary installation.


Louise said...

I commented on these Northern Lights on someone else's blog. I haven't ever seen anything like it, it is amazing. We had a day or two in Adelaide at the beginning of the year, I would have postponed my trip if I'd have known about these? x