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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mt Lofty and Koalas

On Sunday evening four of us went to Mt Lofty. It's the highest point in Adelaide (I think technically it's not quite a mountain. More of a big hill.) and the views are beautiful. From this side you can see the city and suburbs. From the other side you can see Piccadilly Valley which is all farmland and orchards! Mr 7 wasn't that impressed.

While we were looking out over the Valley we heard some noises and saw a koala walking along one of the hiking tracks. (Mt Lofty is in a national park) Mr 7 was suddenly interested! We watched the koala walk along the track until we could no longer see him. (It was at this point that Mr 7 asked me how I knew the koala was a boy! Hmmm...... not a koala expert! Just didn't want to call it "it", I guess!) A little while later I heard some more noises and walked along further to investigate. I found our koala about to climb up a gum tree for a snack.

Mr 7 was surprised at how fast the koala could climb the tree and it's big sharp claws! We were really close to it and the kids were thrilled to see a "wild" koala. It was a lovely evening and we had so much fun!



We have only recently returned from a great trip to Australia, where we saw koalas in the wild on Kangaroo Island. I have always wanted to see a koala in the wild, so it was wonderful and a memory that shall live with me for the rest of my life. Although the ones I saw were sitting in the forks of the tree, I would imagine you were quite lucky to catch one out of a tree, seeing as they spend nearly all of their day either asleep or motionless!. x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

how wonderful, those creatures are adorable, typical boy, he sounds just like mine until something interests him

Bird Bath said...

Oh I haven't been to Mt.Lofty for years..we must go for a drive soon now that you reminded me! Don't you love the way koalas gaze back at their audience? Once it even appeared as if the koala waved back at us....