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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Maternity Patterns

There aren't many. Maternity patterns that is. Being the mother of eight children I am somewhat of an authority on maternity patterns. Of course, I haven't been pregnant for about seven and a half years now and things have changed. Most pattern companies now only have a choice of one or two patterns. Some have a choice of none! So when Mrs 23 needed some clothes to cover her bump it was quite difficult. I have a lot of maternity patterns in my stash (have I ever mentioned I'm a collector of sewing patterns?) but for some reason Mrs 23 didn't like the power dressing patterns from the 80's! (She's so picky!) We got some patterns eventually from the only pattern company with any sort of choice, Burda. I have been working on a shirt for Mrs 23 and today I finally finished it! She likes it, so it's a winner, and there's not a hint of power dressing! We used (I say we because she cut it out and I sewed it) a stretch poplin that I have had in the cupboard for some time. She really likes it in a stretch weave because it has give and is more comfortable.

Here's a side on view of Mrs 23 and her bump. She's wearing it over her shirt! The skirt she is wearing is a bias cut skirt she makes from her own pattern. It is made for her unpregnant, but fits her pregnant (although she is wearing it higher up). She made another skirt like this one today in our sewing day.

A front view. Next on the maternity clothes list is another shirt from the same pattern. This time in a satin print. Hopefully I will be sewing again tomorrow after church!

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