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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Beautiful Quilts!

Miss 21's pday (preparation day) changed this week to Wednesday, so I got an email from her today! It was a surprise because I didn't know when her pday would be. She is serving a mission on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Today she sent me a photo of her at a pioneer museum last Saturday. (Her former pday.) She sent photos to her brothers and sisters too and after we pooled the photos we received we realised they were person specific. I got photos of her smiling sweetly next to old quilts and pioneer clothes. (Am I that transparent! I guess she did live with me for 21 years!) She sent the silly photos to those of her brothers and sisters who appreciate silliness!
Aren't these quilts beautiful? I think I like to make quilts because they are beautiful, but these would have been essential as well as lovely. I love that "essential" thing. It's lucky that I do because with six children at home there's an awful lot of "essential" to be done. So far this week I have been caught up with "essential". Tomorrow I look forward to doing some sewing. I will be sewing clothes. Just a different kind of "essential" I think. More my favourite kind of "essential". (I'd like to hire a cook and a cleaner for the boring - to me - "essentials" and I could provide the clothes and quilts and soft furnishings and...)