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Monday, 10 March 2008


We are a much older household than we used to be. I miss little kid things. Sometimes we have an "athon" of little kidsness. You know, a duploathon, a legoathon, a playdoughathon. Everyone gets involved and plays together. Mr 19 had a yearning for playdough so he made some and played with it. As part of the playdoughathon Miss 11 and Mr 7 became playdough bakers. They made pasties, sausage rolls and pies and photographed them! It was a very quiet day today. It was 39 degrees and I think we are all really sick of the heat. We seem to be getting slower and slower. Today, rather than sew, I spent time cleaning and sorting my sewing space. Mrs 23 came over and cut out a pinafore for her and two tops for Miss 11, so I have things to sew for this week. Tomorrow we are supposed to get a cool change but the forecast maximum is anything but cool. I think we have a slow week coming up!


Levin (and Emily) said...

we had a legoathon yesterday - there was very little else we could do as we only have airconditioning in the little lounge room. it was fun though.
stay cool, stay sane and pray for rain.

Valerie said...

We are all kids at heart. Playing is a good thing.

Life's little stuff said...

Thought I'd do a quick look at your blog. (got slightly confused with the pin board- I can't remember putting that in our blog LOL)
Too hot to do much but playdough sounds fun!

Katherine said...

I love the "a-thon" idea! I've been missing some of the younger kid activities too (my boys are both teens) these days. Isn't it the best when the family joins in on the same activity?