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Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Weekend

It has been a lazy easter weekend. Not sure what we have done? A little bit of 'love the house' and not much more. ('love the house' is when you clean and tidy! The daughter of a friend of ours decided to have a 'love the car' day once a week and ever since then cleaning and tidying has been 'love the...') The photo below is Miss 17. When we were out looking at Northern Lights she decided that her legs looked like doll's legs. (Apparently they often do!) And so she did a doll pose for the camera.

A short week ahead. I will still be busy with 'love the house'. And hopefully some sewing and knitting too.


Levin said...

i desperately need to love my house!
wow - she really does look like a mannequin! that's quite amazing.
enjoy your short week. i hope to get something other than just housework done. maybe some sewing or the likes.
here's hoping the rain they forecast comes through this time.

Life's little stuff said...

Hey ,Wow she does look like a doll. Obviously beautiful!! What's that song by Cliff Richard - ? Oh yeah Living Doll.
I did 'love the paperwork' this weekend and it's almost done. Yay! Happy Lazy Easter - sounds like the best kind.
Huggs Tina

Anonymous said...

And what a pretty doll she is!!!! Sounds like I need to have a loving the house weekend soon!!

Rose said...

I even look like a doll in the picture! I look like a doll all the time, it was heaps hard sitting like that for ages while you guys were all taking pictures!