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Friday, 14 December 2007

Printing and lights!

Yesterday I spent ALL day at home. I love being home. I didn't actually make anything, but I did touch a lot of fabric. (Tidying up!) It was a wonderful day! I did have to go out at 7pm to pick Miss 10 up from basketball training, but that was fun too. It's so nice to spend time with the kids when I taxi them! AND, it was the"last" training till next year!!! WooHoo!!!!!

The kids have been doing some printing. Mrs 23 made some of the stamps they used in her textile course this year. These two pieces of fabric were printed by Mr 13. He made the flower stamp himself from a black custard tart tray from our local bakery. They used an acrylic paint/textile medium mixture to print on some calico. I really love the stuff that Kirsty does with her kids. You should pop over to her blog and have a look! They don't just end up with pieces of fabric, they have finished items! We have yet to get to that point. It's something we have to work on.

Another important development this week (well, according to the two youngest members of our family) was the puting up of the icicle lights. Bradley and the kids put the lights up on Monday night and then we went for a drive to look at lights in our neighbourhood. Fortunately, there are quite a few really impressive displays nearby. Ours is kind of mediocre, but the little kids are easily impressed! (young kids are such good value for money!) It was quite windy when I took this photo. Our front yard looks like we are renovating (Well!!! We are!!!) so I'm hesitant to call any attention to it, but as long as we only turn them on after twilight it's all good!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to fill, sand and paint. Well, I have to fill and sand. I'm hoping to paint! We're working on the "big couch room" at the moment. (That's REALLY how we refer to it! We so have to "name" our rooms as soon as we finish them! Do any of you name your rooms???????????)

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Life's little stuff said...

Ms E nd I made a circular skirt this week. Worked alot better than the-top-that-makes-me-look-like-Humpty LOL The printing looks great. Did you have to seal or set the colours?
We name rooms too - else how would you know what room you're talking about : )
Hope your backs better too.
Huggs Tina