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Tuesday 11 July 2023

I've been thinking about records...

 Not black, round records that we used to play in the 70's, but recorded thoughts and musings. I guess they could be on black, round records, but I was thinking more specifically about written records. Over the past year or so I have taken to keeping a journal more regularly. Since my early teens I have kept some sort of journal, mostly very sporadically and occasionally somewhat faithfully. I used to think of this blog as part of my journalling and I think I was always the most regular reader of my blog. (Is it sad that I am admitting that I like the sound of my own voice?) A blog is such a lovely record of your happenings and it can be so cosy to trip down Nostalgia Lane every now and then and read just how you felt on that occasion. Anyway, I have been keeping a journal more regularly which has caused me to ponder record keeping. I say I value record keeping and in keeping with that declaration I want to update this blog more often. I have posted the most recent fabric related photo from my phone. This is me stitching in the Doha airport on the way home from Germany last month. 

It's a well travelled piece of stitching. I take it with me everywhere. I have it sitting in my work bag right now as I sit at work typing this blogpost. It's old. Five years old in fact, so I obviously don't stitch every time I have it with me. (Even if I did one stitch per time it accompanied me I think it would be more stitched than it is.) It was the result of a class I did at Amitie Textiles with Meg Nicolson an artist from Warrnambool. It is one of my favourite classes I have done at Amitie. I'm going to try to stitch more. Just looking at this photo makes me happy!