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I am a mother of eight and grandmother of four who loves to make and create. Rosemary Hill is the name of our home where we live, work, learn and create together

Saturday 23 November 2013

A house in the country...

 Whew! This past month or so has been so busy for us. We moved. To Adelaide. All that packing and cleaning and just getting stuff from here to there has been exhausting! We moved in dribs and drabs with four of us moving first. Then another two. And the last one (my Bradley) is finishing up in Melbourne at the moment.

These are the views from my clothesline. It is so peaceful here. I think I like living "in the middle of nowhere" as my grandson says.

And the kids have played and played and played. Now I just have to alter my "pop-to-the-shop" attitude and I'll be right. (We're seriously not that far from the shops, but the trips add up!)

The sewing room isn't set up yet and I still have boxes everywhere, but hopefully that will all change this week. And maybe I will get to set foot inside a quilt shop near our new home too!