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I am a mother of eight and grandmother of four who loves to make and create. Rosemary Hill is the name of our home where we live, work, learn and create together

Wednesday 12 June 2013

An inspired life.

a blurry ride
One of the things I hope for in this busy, somewhat chaotic life of mine, is to be visually inspired, excited and stimulated. I love to look at things. Beautiful things. Of course, the definition of beauty can change from person to person and day to day. Then, once I've been inspired, I hope that that inspiration will lead to motivation to create something beautiful myself. It's not a guaranteed thing though and there has been little motivation of late, even though I have seen some truly beautiful and inspiring things! Like the scene above. My back has been sore and I have become a fan of those massage chairs you usually just walk past at the shopping centre. (Does anyone have a $2 coin on them?) Last week as I was being shaken at one of my local shopping centres (seriously, are there more shopping centres per capita in Melbourne, or is it just my area?) I wondered how such a scene would photograph. Like that! Here's to living an inspired life!

Tuesday 4 June 2013

It's June, and I finished a quilt.

I finished the binding on this quilt on Saturday. It took me all day, which is not to say that this is a big quilt (it's not) but that I had a very interrupted day of sewing. Asher12 had his very first migraine as well and I was quite busy reassuring him that visual disturbances, numbness, pain and vomiting are quite normal for a migraine. I think I am safe in saying that it was the first time he had experienced such pain and he didn't like it. It was an enlightening experience for him!

It's hard to believe that it is June already. I'm not quite sure what happened to May, but I'm sure it's the same at your house. Even now with all of June stretching before me I'm sure it will pass in a flash and I will be bemoaning it's quick passing in four short weeks! We have the countdown of the last four weeks of term two happening here. Lily16 is in year 12 and is desperate for the year to be over! I have a dress to make for her formal (less than three weeks away now) so that will keep me busy I'm sure. We also have our son Joseph24 visiting us this month. We can't wait to spend some time with him! 

The weightloss progression has been slow of late. I am still concentrating on it and had a mental obstacle to overcome which took ages! I am hoping that now that I am under the 100kg mark that things may be more easy for a time. I have lost 24kg to date (30kg since we moved to Melbourne two years ago) and easily have that much more to go to reach an acceptable BMI. (Body Mass Index) Before I began the great weightloss endeavour my BMI was in the "morbidly obese" category and I have now progressed to the "obese" category, which doesn't sound a whole lot better! My Bradley assures me that it is and is encouraging me to stick with it! So, in June I hope to lose more weight, sew a formal dress (it's going to be red and ruffly!), and finish something else quilty. There. Goals. Better go get started!