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I am a mother of eight and grandmother of four who loves to make and create. Rosemary Hill is the name of our home where we live, work, learn and create together

Saturday 12 October 2013

I tried to write this post last week...

... but the internet conspired against me and it couldn't be done. I'm not sure if it was THE internet, my internet, my modem, my computer or just blogger itself, but it's working now so all's right with the world.

This is what I have been doing. Yes, back to the eight year old me, I'm making Barbie dresses. This one works, so I'm going to make some more for the Spooky Oooky market I mentioned last post. Possibly. I'll have to see how time goes. We are moving back to Adelaide so there are things to be sorted, boxes to be packed, garage sales to be had, that sort of thing. We have a plan in place, now we just need somewhere to live. (And that's never easy!) So if you want to rent a house to a crafty family send me an email! I am off to Adelaide some time next week to look at houses (again) so cross your fingers for me.

Monday 7 October 2013

And now it's October...

This year is really zipping by. Last week we (my Bradley and daughters Sophie and Molly and I) went to Costco. It's a fun place to go, especially if you like shopping. First up past the doors was the first of their Christmas range. We oooed and ahhhed over that and then halfway through the shop my Bradley stopped dead and observed, "Of course, it's almost Christmas." It's hard to believe. It was my most eventful trip to Costco ever. Normally we just hop on the fast road and zip to Costco in 30 or 40 minutes. Coming from Adelaide (where there are no fast roads) we are completely in love with fast roads. Even if we have to pay a toll to use them. So I thought this trip would be the same. Except our requisite fast road was a car park because of an earlier accident. It took us just over two hours to get there. It was my first such experience with the fast roads, which isn't too bad considering that we have lived here for almost three years now.

I have been sewing, although nothing too exciting. This is some Halloween bunting that I put together from a panel that I got from Spotlight. I got a few panels which I am in the process of completing. Some will be to decorate my daughter's stall at the Spooky Ooky Halloween Market and some will be available for sale at the market. She is busy making Deddy Bears and Ghoulish Girls, as well as all her cute softies, for sale at the market. So if you are in Adelaide and want some softies (or patterns for softies) you should pop along. Some of my other girls are busy making ghoulish jewellery for the market too. I am thinking that I might just be in Adelaide for the market, but I'm not sure yet. Oh well, back to the sewing.