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Tuesday 27 May 2008

Things at our house

This thing (a victorian sponge cake) was made by Miss 11. It was delicious! She is such a cook. It is the result of our visit to the library yesterday. Miss 11 borrowed a great book called 'Baking for children' (maybe) and decided on the sponge cake straight away.

Okay, here's the disclaimer! The following photos were not taken at my house, despite the title of this post. I just had to make that clear, least you think that my home is this wonderful! I took these photos at Mrs 23's house this afternoon. Her house is great! In this photo you can see all sorts of things that make her home wonderful. The quilt, the cushions, the softie elephant (obscured by the nightie, seen more in the pinafore photos), the watercolour of the water bird on the far left of the shelves. Mrs 23 is 36 weeks pregnant now and is very uncomfortable. I sewed the nightie for her last week and finshed the pinafore off today. She sewed the pinafore at our house a couple of months ago at one of our sewing days, but got stalled because it was too big. Not any more! So I finished it off for her, because it was at my house. (See, there is some validity to the title of this post!)

I delivered them so that I could watch Mrs 23 attach the snaps with our latest aquisition - the snap press! It's brilliant. So quick and easy. The idea of never sewing another buttonhole or sewing on another button is a really tempting one. If every future item of clothing is covered with snaps instead of buttons, you'll know I've succumbed.

This past weekend we have been changing rooms around. It means that I am now sewing in a different room. We ended up having a fateful conversation a week or two ago. You know, the one that starts off, 'Thinking laterally and forgetting all the present uses for rooms, how could we change the house to make it work better.' Or maybe you don't know. Miss 16 says that people with shiney houses don't change the traditional uses of their rooms. (We don't have a shiney house, obviously!) Of course we are pretty much stuck with the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, but just about everything else has been changed. When we get something finished a bit more I'll take some photos.

Sunday 18 May 2008

Sport Shorts

I spent this afternoon in my sewing room trying to reproduce some shorts for Miss 16. She has a favourite pair that are slowly dying and she wanted me to replicate them, but better. The legs a little longer, the waist a little lower. When I sew I feel very grown-up. I think that equates to feeling confident for me. I look at her old shorts and think, "Sure, I can make a pattern from this piece of clothing!". When I was a little younger this seemed like an incredibly scary thing. I wouldn't have even considered it. Fortunately, I had Mrs 23 to teach me. Yes, I did teach her to sew, but she has taught me so much about sewing too. And being brave. Having children has taught me so many things that I never dreamed I could learn from being a parent. Anyway, back to the shorts. The pair above (dark green) were my first attempt. The waist was too low. Miss 16 says she will wear them, but they weren't perfect. Back to the drawing board.

This navy blue pair were my second attempt. I'm hopeful that these are perfect (or close to it), she hasn't had a chance to try them on yet. If they are right I will have to make a bunch more for her. Strange to be making shorts in this cold weather, but basketball happens all year round.

Saturday 17 May 2008

A quiet month blogwise.

It has been a quiet month blogwise for me this month. Not much has been happening here. Not much blogworthy anyway. (I'm figuring no-one is really interested in the washing I have done. Clothes, dishes or floors.) One of those times when just existing seems to take all of my time. I read the blogs of those who have recently had babies and marvel at all they do.

I did finish the rug for Mrs 23's as yet unborn child. I am really pleased with it. It's a great pattern and I just loved all the knitting and the complete absence of purling. (You see, no matter how many things I knit, deep down I'm not a knitter! I hate to purl! It just doesn't come naturally to me.) I crotcheted an edging which I was really pleased with too. I used Cleckheaton Country 8 ply, a 5.5mm circular needle, and a 5.5mm crotchet hook. I enjoyed knitting it, but did get sick of it. I think that's why I like to have lots of things on the go at once, but I was determined to finish it so resisted the urge to start another project. It doesn't take much to distract me!

As soon as it was finished I rushed to my local yarn shop to buy this Cleckheaton pattern book. Miss 16 fell in love with a cabled beret at the shops. She loved the cables, but not the colours they had, and asked if I could knit her one like it. I had a look around on the wool company websites at their patterns and discovered a pattern close to the one she liked in this book.

This is a brilliant book! Heaps of hats, berets, socks, mittens, scarves and even the odd pair of slippers and hottie covers! Most of the sized items come in four sizes. 6 months, 2-4 years, 6-8 years and woman. This week I knitted the cabled beret and I'm sure I will be using this book a lot more!

Here is the cabled beret. Sideways. I don't know how this happened, because when I put this photo into blogger it definitely wasn't sideways, but there you go! I think you can still see what it's like, so it stays sideways. Fortunately Miss 16 loves the beret. She is off on a school camp next week and wanted to take it with her and was anxiously awaiting it's completion, so I'm not sure if she REALLY loves it or is just relieved that I finished it.

It has been raining here again in Adelaide. So far this month we have had 45mm. We are still excited! I don't think that rain's novelty has worn off yet. Maybe it never will.

Thursday 8 May 2008

Skeletons Rule!

According to Mr 7. This is his drawing of a skull. I have had a good week so far. My sewing room is teetering on the brink of organisation. It's a very happy feeling. There are still some things to sort, but I'm almost there. I have made lots of trips to the Salvos and was very surprised to see a piece of my 'Salvo-ed' fabric hanging on the line on one of my favourite blogs. It made me feel very happy to see someone else enjoying something that I loved, but just didn't have room for. I have even done some sewing this week. A curtain for Mr 19's new wardrobe and a liner for a basket. I have also managed to finish the rug I was knitting. I will take some photos and show you tomorrow!

Sunday 4 May 2008

Baby Shower!

Yesterday we had a baby shower for Mrs 23. I think she had a fun time and enjoyed catching up with friends. Miss 17 helped her organise it, so there was lots of food. We played a game and Ooooooed and ahhhhhed over tiny little baby clothes and Jess' favourites - board books by Eric Carle, Allan Ahlberg and Lynley Dodd. I think it's all becoming more real for her now. Everyone at our house is really looking forward to seeing their new nephew/grandson!

Booties and Miss 11

Miss 11 is very courageous. These booties are her first attempt at knitting with a pattern. She did a pretty good job. She was keen to make something for Mrs 23's baby shower this weekend. She took quite a long time to knit the first bootie, but finishing that one boosted her confidence and the second one came much easier. She needed help to sew them up, but even did large chunks of that herself.

Of course she made a popstick box for the booties to go in. She's the king of the hot glue gun at our house!

It's May! And I'm still knitting this rug!

Yes, I'm still working on this. I am almost done. It's so long now that knitting it is uncomfortable and awkward. I was hoping to finish it last week, but next week is the new goal!