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Thursday 31 January 2013

Well, that was January!

 For the last few years I have blogged on or near the first of the month saying things like, "Oh my gosh! It's insert name of month here and I can't believe it! This year is going so quickly!". So I have decided to change it up this year. I'm planning to blog on the last day of the month and say pretty much the same thing! (Yeah, don't expect too much of a change from me!) So, this last day of January has seen me (and my family) getting ready for Lily's birthday party. She has invited 42 (42??? Am I crazy or what?) of her closest friends to a Dr Who themed party. I know very little about Dr Who, other than a series or two when Tom Baker was the doctor and I was pretty much the same age as Lily and it became imperative to watch it. (All school conversation revolved around The Goodies and Dr Who. I was already a Goodies fan so I gave in and watched Dr Who too.) My kids, however, are completely into it. The new Dr Who of course.

Decorating started today. This is a simulation of Gallifreyan (least any diehards try to read it) on my wall.

Blurry Tardis
And this is a blurry Tardis full of current Dr Who quotes. Things like "Bow ties are cool" and things like that.

Sausage rolls
Sophie has been making black boxes, Addapose and a Tardis covering for the front door. My contribution has been baking sausage rolls and pasties ready for the big night. Tomorrow I will be baking cakes etc. It will be a busy day! (Fish fingers and custard for 42!)

Oh. And January is over. That was quick! Isn't this year flying by?!!!

Wednesday 30 January 2013

It's Finished (finally)

I was rushing to finish this quilt today so that I would have some sunlight in which to photograph it. I finished it at 4:30pm and then promptly got busy and forgot to photograph it. This is the zig-zaggity quilt I put together for the care group of do. Good stitches. I quilted it with hearts and flowers. So, tomorrow I will photograph this quilt in some sunshine and upload it to our flickr group. So glad to have this ticked off my list finally. I stretched it way back in November. I think I have lived through a serious mojo funk since then. I stretched two other quilts that day in November, so they are next on my list to finish. So glad to have a finish in January!

Monday 28 January 2013

the birthday post...

Something every sewer would be proud of, the day your kid gives you a sewn card for your birthday! Well, I have had sewn cards before, but I just love them all!

My Bradley had to go to Adelaide for work at the end of last week and he managed to pop in to Hettie's Patch to pick up a gift for my birthday. It even came with a pretty bow that Leanne put on for him. (Thanks Leanne!)

And it had precuts in it! (My favourite kind of fabric at the moment!) I sat at the breakfast table this morning and held them whilst daydreaming about what I would make with them!

Of course, my birthday post wouldn't be complete without a Lily birthday post. She's older now too! Gosh time flies! Off to quilt!

Saturday 26 January 2013

Quilting tonight

Hearts and Flowers
I am doing a little quilting tonight. I finally decided how to quilt this zig zaggy quilt. I'm using hearts and flowers. They are my standard doodling fodder and are so easy for me to quilt. I guess I should start practicing some other doodles so that I can expand my free motion quilting range! Back to the quilting.

Wednesday 23 January 2013


It's not often I have a post entitled "Cleaning"! But that's what I am doing today. I have been busy all week (yesterday I was busy being sick!) and just can't wait for this week to be over I think. The Grandies and Jess went home on Sunday so this week has been a little more subdued. We have a rental inspection tomorrow so I am trying to make this house a little sparkling.

I think this is a fair representation of me today!
I will be glad to fall into bed tonight! I am still working on losing weight and thinking about getting fit. (Yeah. So far I'm just thinking about it! I have been out walking, but only once or twice a week.) This week I hit the 11kg loss mark which is pretty good I think. I am determined to lose more though. Just have to concentrate on it.

As for the sewing? Well, I don't think I have even thought about sewing this week. (Not true really. I have dreamt I was sewing!) Perhaps that's for next week!

Saturday 19 January 2013

New Old Diaries

My girls have been creating 2013 diaries from old books. (Hence the op shopping!) Don't mind my drawn on table in the photos. My grandchildren have so much creativity in them that sometimes it oozes out onto the table. Fortunately, they mostly only feel creative with pencils which means the table is quite easy to clean!

The upcycled diaries are the brainchild of Picklesticks (my Jess). You pull apart a cloth covered hardback book, print up some diary pages, sew them together, rebuild your book, glue it, and da da! New Old Diary!

Having sat by as the girls made their diaries, I think I could make one. It's going on my loooooong to do list. Jess and the grandies go home tomorrow so we will have a bit more making time. Less squish-hugs, but more making time.

Friday 18 January 2013

By special request; The Puppy

This is Sophie's new puppy. Her name is Calico and she is about nine weeks old. (According to the RSPCA) We have had her for a week today and she is settling in really well. She is very bouncy and very friendly. Keeping her "quiet" for ten days (she was desexed last Friday) has indeed been difficult! Her best friend is a tossup between her toy dog (pictured above) and Sophie. (Sophie is the provider of food, so it's not really a difficult choice.) Right now she is busy napping. I think she must have played all night!

Thursday 17 January 2013


 This week has been a busy one. We have a house full. Not only do we have Picklesticks and her offspring (the grandies) visiting, but Molly is here visiting too. We have done essential things (like go bra shopping) and fun things (like the op shop below). It's all a little madhouse here at the moment with three small children, three teenagers, five adults, and one brand new puppy.

Gotta love an op shop called "hunter gatherer"! 
Sewing is but a distant memory. The grandies will be leaving soon though which will mean a return to sewing and a return to missing them! This week all my stitching is being done vicariously via the internet and via some of my favourite books. Like this book acquired from an op shop last year. (I think) My plan for this year is to get back to some hand stitching. I didn't do much last year and there's nothing so relaxing as stitching in front of the television I think. I think my word for 2013 may just be relax!

Love this book!
Next up, my girls are busy upcycling old books into 2013 diaries. Sooooo pretty!

Thursday 10 January 2013

Look what happened this week!


Grandchildren arrived at my house! Along with their mother of course. We have been busy blowing bubbles, playing playdough, reading stories, and playing duplo.

This is how grandson filled the new doghouse that Sophie26 bought this week. Tomorrow the soft toys move out and the new puppy moves in. Wish us luck! We have never had a dog before!

Sunday 6 January 2013

January blocks (do. Good stitches)

Made from my scraps in blue and aqua, these are my January blocks. I pulled out the blues from the scrap basket before January started, but it took me this long to get them together. Too much on my mind to sew I think. I love scraps! They are so evocative. I remember all the things I have made with these fabrics. It's nostalgia and a little thrill of excitement and recognition all rolled into one. These blocks were quick and easy to make and the instructions came from the Moda bakeshop site here.

I'm glad to have finished them. I will post them off tomorrow and then I can tick the "done" box! Next up? Quilting.

Saturday 5 January 2013

Tonight's Sunset

Although I haven't set any sewing goals yet I am busy working on some life goals I have set for 2013.

I am hoping to be fitter next Christmas so I am walking. Tonight we watched this lovely sunset across the paddocks as we walked. It was a beautiful country scene. Unless you looked to the left.

We live in the heart of suburbia, but just a short walk away from our house there are farms and paddocks. I don't think they'll stay intact much longer, the land must be worth a fortune! So, until it changes, I have a lovely setting to get fit in and possibly lose a little weight. I am busy concentrating on those goals at the moment!

Wednesday 2 January 2013

It's January and my project is in Homespun!

 Oh my gosh! I haven't blogged all year! Yes these are the kind of jokes that are being told here at our house at the moment. It all began just after midnight on New Year's eve. I still haven't made any resolutions, but I'm feeling ok with that at the moment. Tonight Sophie and I went to the shops and while we were there I discovered the latest Homespun, with my cushion in it!

And here it is!

 It is a cushion I designed and made for Chookyblue in a redwork swap some years ago now. (You can see it here.) I love it, and Chookyblue loved it too so if you want to make one for yourself rush out and buy Homespun! It would make a lovely summer holiday project. Just looking at the photos in the magazine make me feel like stitching! Happy January all!!!