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I am a mother of eight and grandmother of four who loves to make and create. Rosemary Hill is the name of our home where we live, work, learn and create together

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Sewing again

It was such a struggle to get my sewing desk clear. I'm still busy unpacking boxes and sorting and organising. Today I needed to sew so I really concentrated on my sewing desk and cleared it. Then I sat there. I had no idea what to sew once I had the desk! I decided eventually to quilt some of my practice quilts. I really enjoy machine quilting, but everytime I do it I realise just how much I need to practice! My pinboards go up tomorrow and there will also be more sewing.

Monday 22 June 2009

At the park.

Saturday morning was cold and wet. Miserable in fact. But the park had stone and tin shelters and Grandson had a wonderful time. (Party food included fairy bread and hot soup!)

Saturday 20 June 2009

Happy Birthday!

June is another birthday month for us. Last weekend we celebrated Miss 18's 19th and Miss 22's 23rd birthdays. We were very busy (moving) but managed to slot in a little play. Yesterday was grandson's first birthday. Boy has that year gone fast! This morning we are off to a park to celebrate with him. Happy Birthday!

Friday 19 June 2009

We're here.

We started moving in to our new house one week ago. Last Friday. Are we settled yet? No, not really. We are lucky enough to have a double garage here which is currently full of unopened boxes, so we're not living in a cardboard jungle at least! On Saturday night I opened the front door and this is what I saw. (Tilt your computer on the side to make any sense of this photo. Google seems to think it should be this way up and I can't convince it otherwise!) I uploaded this photo especially for my friend Sue. She is autumn crazy and this is just to make her jealous. I have autumn on my doorstep Sue!

I don't have a separate sewing room at the new house. I have appropriated the casual dining area as my own which means that I am set up opposite the kitchen. Hopefully this will mean fewer burnt dinners! (I tend to get engrossed in the sewing room and forget dinner! Do you do that?) This is my new room this afternoon. Still unpacking, but the required shelves, desk and ironing board are in place!

You know "reality tv"? (Which isn't actually real at all. How many times have you lived in a house with a bunch of strangers and no contact with the outside world? Never? Thought so, and yet that is the premiss of "Big Brother" one of the originals of reality tv.) Well this is "reality blogging"! I kept wanting to wait until my sewing room was perfect to photograph it and show you, but I worked out that if I wait until then I may never blog again! So, I'm back. Still unpacking. Still organising. And now I'm blogging again too.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Today - the dream and the reality.....

It was cold this morning. Four degrees celcius when I left the house. (I know, not really that cold, but for Adelaide, definitely cold!) As the day went on the sky was fairly clear and if you could find a protected spot the sun was lovely. Just like this cold day when I sat in the car and enjoyed the winter sun at Brighton beach. Would have been lovely to do that today. But I didn't.

This is what I spent the day looking at. Brown tea chests. No sparkling waves. No jetty strollers. Just boxes. Filled a few, Mrs 24 filled more. Gosh she's good value that daughter of mine! She worked like a slave for me today. Grandson was here too being very cute (he's like that!) and walking to our cheers of delight and squeals of "Clever boy!" (Well if you walk before your first birthday I think you deserve to be feted!) Hmm..... so tomorrow? What will you be doing? I'll be packing!!!

Tuesday 9 June 2009

What I am thinking about.....

...... my christmas in July swap! This is some fabric I stumbled upon last week. And I'm thinking about it. Where to start? Where to go after I have started? My first project in the new house I think!

Monday 8 June 2009

Inside the new house

Entry, lounge to dining room.

Went to the new house to take some measurements last week. You know, to see if everything would fit and where. It just seemed so big and empty. Everyone rushed from room to room excitedly. Bradley and I took longer. Tape measure and notebook in hand. Then the photos. (Bradley was the cameraman) Everyone else got bored. And sat........

................ and suddenly it didn't look quite so big and empty. We filled it up! Without furniture even! (Mr 20 and Mr 8 lying down. Miss 17 sitting, Mr 15 and Miss 12 sitting with backs to the camera. Miss 23 and me standing.

Sunday 7 June 2009

Paperbag Swap.

This is the bag I made and sent to Leah for Missymack's paper bag swap. Leah loves owls so I decided to applique and embroider one on the front of the bag. The bag is lined and has a zippered pocket inside. I am pleased with the owl. I think he's very cute!

Usually when I make something I just make it up as I go, but don't tend to keep a record of what I have done. Mrs 24 (picklesticks) has been encouraging me to keep a record of what I have done so that I can write up a pattern to put in my etsy shop. I was planning to have the pattern for this bag in my etsy shop next week, but our pending move has put me a little behind. The pattern should be finished next week, so look out for it if you would like to make a cute bag!!!

Thursday 4 June 2009

We're moving!

Finally! We're moving! We have been looking and looking for a house to suit our larger-than-average family for about 10 months now, and this week we found it. We heard today that we got the house. Much joy and excitement from all quarters! So, there will not be much sewing done here for the next little while because we will be packing and moving. Can't wait! (It's pretty, isn't it?)

It's June!

It has been very cool in the mornings for the past couple of weeks. In fact it feels like winter. It's hard to believe that June is here. I love June! I love the weather (nice and cool). The photo above is Adelaide this week under a blanket of fog. We have birthdays coming up in June. I received an invitation from Mrs 24 this week for grandson's first birthday party. Doesn't time fly! Can't believe that grandson has been here for almost a year!