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I am a mother of eight and grandmother of four who loves to make and create. Rosemary Hill is the name of our home where we live, work, learn and create together

Monday 11 June 2007

All sorts of fabricy goodness

I love public holidays. This morning (I mean of course the three or four hours after I got up - which wasn't necessarily, technically, morning. Mmm..... sleeping in!) I spent some time on the net looking at websites I hadn't visited before. I don't get much time to do that and I had a lovely time! There are sooo many beautiful blogs out there! Murray sat with me for about half an hour and was thrilled by all the gorgeous fabric we saw. So I was inspired to show you some of the fabric I bought recently. The fabrics above were a result of my last patchwork apple visit. I had loved the "trees" for ages and when I got there they were gone! I almost cried, but before I did I talked to Jane who said they were out the back. So I managed to get some. When I called them "trees" Jane had no idea which fabric I meant. Once we had it worked out she said that she had always thought of it as polyanthus fabric. Probably that is what it is, but it had never occurred to me!
George has been away this weekend with Katie at a basketball carnival. His side of the bed has been covered with fun things to do! I love to knit in bed and this weekend I knitted this pile of fabric.
It's actually a scarf for Murray. I used Feathers and Powder Puff together with 8mm needles. It's just garter stitch. I am not really a knitter, but I still love to knit! It's such a comforting, cold weather thing to do for me. I think it's something to do with my childhood. Cold, wet, rainy days spent in the lounge room with the heater on and some kind of sport on television. My Dad calling to the umpires and my Mum knitting. It's interesting that when it's cold, wet, and rainy I have an urge to knit, but no urge to watch sport! My mother would knit something for each of us each winter. She's a knitter! I have children who are knitters, but I somehow missed out.

Sunday 3 June 2007

The week that was

I'd like to make an announcement! We were not at home this week because we were on holiday just like Leanne from Leanne's House. This is why no blogging got done and no creating happened at all! What? You want to see my photos? Ummm..... OK, so we weren't on holiday in the Greek islands (like Leanne). Ummm..... We moved, and that's why nothing happened! Hmmm..... Moved like Cherry from Tales from Pixie Wood. You know, from the city to the country - just like Cherry. Ummm..... Well OK! Here's the truth. We did move, but it was within our own house and it took ALL week. Really!!! Just think how we would go making a move like Cherry! Nine people and all their stuff! It doesn't bear thinking about. Our twins, Lucy Lou and Katie are the best of friends and have shared a room all their lives. This has worked most of the time, but as they are getting older it's becoming more difficult. I love that they are friends and want them to stay that way, so this week we had to make an unscheduled room swap so they could remain friends. This involved moving five people and a big sacrifice from Giant Joe so that LucyLou and Katie could have their own rooms. It was a big job. Oh! The cupboard above was in our "old" room.
Another view of my kitchen cupboard that lives in my bedroom.
This, finally, is photographic evidence of my mother's day gifts. The stitchery above was created by Murray. She planned and designed this and then stitched it without me even knowing! I was so surprised. The postcard below was sent to me for mother's day by Picklesticks.

These are my other postcards I made from 5 inch squares I had from a fabric club. I love the middle one - it's a shark net! I am keen to make fabric postcards so that if I want to send one at a moments notice, I can. Well, roll on next week! Maybe more creating will happen then!!!