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Friday 24 May 2013

That was then, this is now...

 Last Friday I was procrastiquilting with this quilt, this Friday I am just quilting it. Actually I started quilting it last Saturday. I think deciding exactly what to quilt on it was my problem. I decided to use flowers (it's kind of a springy, sunshiny kind of quilt), but Lily16 informed me this morning before school that the butterflies I'm quilting are lovely. They are like butterflies so I'm happy with either.

This is the view from the back. I am doing free motion quilting, but using the grid of the granny square for a placement guide. I am a little slow with the quilting on this quilt, but the reason why will soon become apparent!

Look! Grandchildren! Yes, I spent some of this week in Adelaide visiting children (I got to see almost all of them) and grandchildren. I had the great pleasure of babysitting my two granddaughters whilst their Mum took grandson on a Kindergarten excursion. Our grandson has recently been diagnosed as being autistic, which doesn't actually change anything as far as we are concerned, (he is still just as wonderful and difficult as he ever was) but it has meant that he is now getting help for some of those difficulties. He has a helper at Kindy and he was welcome on the excursion as long as his Mum went with him, so I  quickly volunteered to babysit before his Mum could ask anyone else! I love a good reason to go visit my kids! (Of any age)

The girls started out playing musical instruments...

...and finished off playing in the backyard. And Ma (that's me) took blurry photos!

In other news, I recently purchased a Sizzix Big Shot. Isn't it beautiful? (Well, if you look beyond the pink and diamantes. I'm kind of not a pink and sparkly person.) Right now it's kind of just a doorstop, because I don't actually have any dies. I can't wait to cut some fabric with it! Better get onto ordering some dies I think, and finishing off that quilt.

Friday 17 May 2013

Over-thinking it and Stitching

So, after finishing the last quilt and realising that I spent too much time worrying about the quilting, instead of just quilting this one I'm worrying again. So I am doing things like considering basting these table runners. Just considering mind you. Heaven forbid I should rush into action here people!

Whilst yesterday saw me finish the appliqué on the Bonnie Sullivan table runner from the Quilted Crow class I did in Hobart, and not a moment too soon, because I saw Loz's lovely finished (finished!!!) runner on Instagram last night.

Embroidery next, then the border and then to finish the runner off. Any minute now.....

Thursday 16 May 2013

A Ziggy Finish

A dreadful photo, but it's finished! (It has been grey here ever since I finished this quilt. Grey and chilly! I am sitting here loving my ducted gas heating as I write this!) I agonised over how to quilt this one. I over-thought it I think. Once I just started on the quilting it worked out quite well. I'm really happy with it. I decided to use a black and white fabric for the binding and really love the look it has given the quilt.

Back to my grey and rainy day. Luckily I have a spring fresh quilt to work on, that will cheer my day up. Progress photos to come!

Thursday 9 May 2013

It's been an interesting week...

the sky near my house
 ... I have been reading lots of posts about how grateful Northern Hemisphere people are for spring this week. They feel a rejuvenation and a liveliness that was missing from their lives this past winter. They have been lovely posts, I have enjoyed them! I have been having a thoughtful and introspective week as I ponder my life. (Not my life as such, but what I am doing - if you want to get technical) I have come to the conclusion (and there haven't been may of those in this introspective period!) that we humans need change because I am loving the autumn days we are having here with the same passion that others are loving spring. The days are so much shorter and I love to feel that chill in the air. It is rejuvenating certainly! Aren't we lucky to have both long days and short days? To be able to feel both the warmth of the sun and the bracing winds on our skin. Change is what I am looking for I think.

a fountain in Hobart

Monday 6 May 2013

Don't you think housework has a lot to answer for?

zig zagging
I have been quilting, in between the housework of course. How is it that you declare your intention to spend the week or weekend sewing and then someone cleans their room? I'm talking teenaged rooms here. They get to be knee-deep in clothing etc and then they decide to clean up and suddenly every washing basket in the house is overflowing! Lol! Well, that's how it seems here. And then my Bradley mentions (just casually in conversation) that mine is the messiest bedroom in the house now. (His side is pretty much immaculate *sigh* I think that man needs a hobby obsession like quilting!) So I have been quilting, but not much. I'm keen to get a couple of finishes this week. Must. Finish. Something. (The washing? My room?...)

Thursday 2 May 2013


As befits a new month I got up nice and early this morning and went for a walk. I have had such trouble getting up the past couple of months, I thought May was the month to change all that. I have even had trouble going walking, which is not helpful for those of us trying to lose weight! (It is still coming off, but much more slowly without the extra movement!) So I'm turning over a new leaf in May. (Not sure if I'm putting too much pressure on May. It's an old month though, surely it can handle the pressure?)

I love Eric Carle's illustrations. Love this calendar!

So May lays before me with all sorts of promise. My main aim is to make and create during May. (Doesn't that make May sound like a wonderful month?) Off to sew!