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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Stitch in Spring

Friday morning I got up bright and early because Loz and I were off to Stitch in Spring held each year by Linda White from Gum Valley Patchwork. It was the second time I had been and it was as much fun the second time around. The tutors this year were Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings. I managed to work on projects from both of them over the weekend.

the view from our window
Linda's shop is in a little place called Cooriemungle in Victoria, but she holds Stitch in Spring at the Lifesaver's clubrooms in Port Campbell. Port Campbell is on the Great Ocean Road not far from the Twelve Apostles and it is a very scenic and beautiful setting. Loz and I stitched at Stitch in Spring on the Saturday and spent Sunday stitching at our accommodation. Last year we did the touristy thing on the Sunday and headed out to the Twelve Apostles, London Bridge and other geological coastal features. This year we told ourselves that we had already done that and stayed home and stitched. I think what really happened though was that we were both tired and just needed a rest, so Sunday was a lovely restful day for us.

progress on Sunday night
This week I have a huge to-do list of sewing. Sewing is what really makes me happy so having a huge to-do list is the best for me! I have things to finish for our home which makes me feel really cheerful. One of the best things about meeting and knowing quilty people in real life is that their homes are an inspiration to me. Loz, Shay, Claire and Val all have beautiful quilty homes. As soon as you walk into their homes you can tell a quilter lives there because their quilts are on show! I guess its more than just quilts being on show. Anyway, that's what I want my home to look like. This week I am keen to get my beehive quilt finished. It's going on the wall above my bed. It's about the last thing to do to "finish" my room. (Well, I am keen to get new quilt covers for my bed, but that's probably not necessary!) I am hoping to get all of our rooms "finished" over the next couple of months because in December we will have been here for twelve months - a milestone - and it would be good to have everything organised and pretty by then! I am also working on some quilted cushion covers and I have a couple of ottomans that need recovering. I'm going to take a leaf out of my daughter's book and make a quilted cover for my ottomans. She made one for hers and it is so lovely! 

In case you were wondering I gave up on posting from my iPad. After the two successes I had last month I couldn't get it to work again, so thats why I have had so much time between posts. Now I have a computer set up in my sewing space and I am good to go! Hopefully I'll be back this week with some finishes. Wish me luck, I have to get to the sewing machine!