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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Woven fabric and a place to sit.

This woven fabric is something I was working on in February I'm pretty sure. I got it out today because I needed some pins and there were a lot stuck in here.

I finished sewing it together and took the pins out. The fabric feels great! I love quilt tops. Partly because piecing is my favourite bit I think. But even though I am a topper of some renown, I must admit that there is nothing like the feeling you get when you get all three layers of a quilt together. They don't even have to be quilted to feel wonderful. Basting will do it. That's how this fabric feels. It is destined to become a bag. Still not close, but I have had a real block with sewing of late. Hand stitching, no problem, but machine sewing just never seemed to happen unless it "had to". I think this was because I just had a camp chair and table for my sewing. (Still no furniture here. We are all missing our stuff so much!) That was, until I went to Ikea.

A $49 chair from "as-is" and a $39 table. Sewing today has been sooooo much easier! That camping table was waaaaay too low!

I also got some "shelves" to store the ever-growing amount of sewing stuff I am accumulating. I am trying not to buy things, but I need stuff! (You know. Scissors, pins, tape measure, thread..... just the basics.) So, I am back in sewing mode having improved my environment. Back to the sewing.


Jo in TAS said...

Love the table and chair, bargain prices!

Lorraine said...

Nice won't need your other "stuff" soon! I have had my computer in for a grease and oil change so haven't been on line at home for a while......will catch up soon.....!

Pip said...

I like the woven quilt, reminds me of a blanket I had years ago. Good buy with the chair, sometimes there is good stuff to be found in the "as is" section.

Jantine said...

Will your furniture come up some day? Or do you have to buy everything new?

Leanne said...

I think you are doing very well considering you don't have your stuff. I know I would be on my side in a fetal position.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am wondering too, are your things coming?


Shay said...

Blogger ate my comment!

Im so glad to see you're starting to get some proper tools. You've managed without for a while and it's so good to feel like sewing isnt it?