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Monday, 23 May 2011

A cutting table.

See the really annoying thing about not having your furniture is not having your furniture really. We miss our couches all the time. (We love to be comfy!) This last week though I have really been missing my tables. I have had cutting out to do and no table to do it at. Okay. I do have a card table, but it's just not the same. (Why are card tables always concave? Is it so that you won't lose anything off of it whilst camping?) So today the frustration boiled over and ended in a trip to Bunnings. (Hardware store) I was all set to buy a trestle table. Fifty dollars. I took my Bradley with me (He's so good in hardware stores, it's cruel to go to one without taking him along.) and after we had checked out the trestle tables he decided we should look at the other options. This option cost just $88 and resulted in a 90cm high bench that is just perfect for cutting out. Even better is the fact that it takes just moments to slot together and moments again to come apart. It is from the storage area of the store and is intended for use in a garage or workshop I think. Nevertheless it is perfect for my sewing room! It is also adjustable, so if I wanted a standard 75cm high desk to sit and sew at it can do that too.

And yes, I cut something out. Just one thing though. Haven't really justified it's $88 price tag yet. I'm sure that before the week is out though I will have cut out lots of things!


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

it looks really sturdy too.

Shay said...

I seriously do not know how you're managing over there. Camping out is fine for a while but honestly I'd be going stark raving mad(der) by now.

Love the cutting table which will also double as a serving table for when you have huge family gatherings and as a storage table for when you get your gear over (my poor cutting table ends up a junk pile table a LOT!)

Pip said...

That table looks as if it would be wide enough to baste a quilt on (in sections) good idea of Bradley's to look at other options, Bunnings is so wonderful for that.