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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Doing things that make you happy

I read in the news this weekend that a Harvard Professor has said that people resist doing things that will make their life happier because of feelings of guilt. They don't hire that cleaner, or outsource their washing and ironing, or hire that lawn service because of feelings of guilt. Guilt about the money they are spending or guilt about being "dependant" on others and not looking after themselves. Buying time would mean they could spend more time on pursuits that would bring them happiness, but they dismiss it because of those guilty feelings. It's something to think about!

I am back in the sewing room today. I managed to sew last Sunday afternoon and I decided to make it a priority to get back there again this week.

My Sewing Corner

Terrible light in that photo, but that's how it is this weekend. It's hot in Melbourne and I have the curtains closed to keep the heat out and the cool we have generated in. Last August I did a class at Amitie Textiles in Torquay and managed to pick up some fabric while I was there. (It's a talent!) I didn't have a plan for it. Last Sunday I dragged it out and just started sewing. At the end of the day I had a picture in my mind of where I wanted to go and I NEEDED more fabric. All week I have been dreaming of going back to Amitie to get more fabric, but today I decided that what I really needed was to think about things differently. So today I am pressing on with the fabric I have. 

My blocks made last week

I'm sewing more regularly than I have in a long time and it makes me really happy! I'm sure more improvements can be made to increase happiness. Like blogging more. I really enjoy writing my thoughts and feelings, and I really like having this record to remember things by. Here's to sewing more and blogging more!

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