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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

This Goes With That...

It's spring! Isn't this a lovely blossom tree? I discovered this one Sunday morning and took a million photos (well, about twenty or so, almost a million, right?). There were lots of bees admiring this tree too.

A million years ago (everything today seems to come in multiples of a million) I joined the Patchwork Apple's block of the month club for Sue Daley's Pies and Tarts quilt. In the true tradition of block's of the month I still haven't finished it despite working on it for years. (I think the top is finished. Possibly. I'm thinking about it and considering it.) I really loved the look of the Pies and Tarts so when I heard that Sue Daley had released another block of the month and that Hettie's Patch were running a club for it I was in! I was keen the first month, and then my interest tapered of slightly completely. (Also in the tradition of block of the month clubs!) This quilt is a hexagon quilt with a difference. The difference being that some of the hexagons are built from other English paper piecing shapes. I was looking for a handwork project to do a couple of weeks ago and dragged it out of the cupboard and have been working on it ever since.

I think I was inspired somewhat by the show and tell at Gum Valley Patchwork's Stitch in Spring. A lovely lady by the name of Vicky had made a couple of beautiful hand stitched hexagon quilts which just took my breath away. Of course, her hexagons were smaller than this, but I'm still claiming her as my inspiration! (These are 2 1/2 inch hexagons - that's the measurement of each side) I've decided to alternate a "built" hexagon with a solid hexagon in the hopes of getting this finished some time in the next decade. (Vicky's huge quilts were completed inside a year each!)

In other news I have been gardening. My boys built me raised garden beds following a design by Jess and now I have food happening in my garden! This is a teeny tiny broccoli that I photographed yesterday. Today I have some lettuce to plant out and I'm hoping to pop a bunch of seeds in at the same time. Wish me luck!


Pip said...

The weather is right for planting out seedlings, although they might need a bit of shade if we get some really hot days. You EPP project looks lovely, sometimes a break from something is all that you need to become interested in the project again.

Jodie said...

Growing food from scratch truly is rewarding isn't it Kris? Your broccoli looks delicious! - good luck with the lettuce... xx

Suzanne said...

Your own homegrown always tastes better. We plan to build raised bed next year. If you get a chance, please post a photo of what you boys built, please.