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Saturday 17 December 2011

SSCS Received!!!

Yesterday I went out to check my letterbox and my SSCS was there!!! Much excitement here. And it was from Laila. (You can check her blog out here.) She sent me two beautiful ornaments, which are now on our tree.

up close

the two together on my tree
Laila is from Norway which I found pretty exciting. Mostly because I don't really know anyone from Norway! She also sent me two packages to open on Christmas day. I am looking forward to opening them. They are under our tree.

they are the red packages in the center
Ahh... So all is right with the world. I managed to wrap three gifts for my family today. The first ones, so I am on my way to being ready for Christmas. Not bad with a week to go! I quite often don't wrap the first gift until Christmas Eve so I am feeling organised! (Stop laughing you truly organised people!) More to do tomorrow though!


Lotti said...

what lovely decorations .... especially since they are hand made. You are so organised dear. I haven't wrapped anything .... I'm a Christmas eve type girl myself.

Kate said...

Nothing goes under the tree here until Christmas Eve all because when our 22 yo son was 10 opened every single present whether it was for him or not and I haven't wrapped a thing yet. Love the ornaments you received and I am looking forward to seeing your other SSCS goodies

Chookyblue...... said...

glad your SSCS parcel has arrived...........enjoy Christmas..........

Shay said...

Beautiful ornaments Kris. Parcels are just the most exciting things.

Im done with wrapping. It took me hours but Im done.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Lovely decorations...I started Christmas shopping Friday night after work...found the Christmas cards yesterday...yep, we've still got a week yet...

Anne said...

At least you "feel" organised ... we'll let you keep thinking that, hehe.

Love your decorations :0)