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Monday, 31 October 2011

Blogtober - the review

Well, I didn't manage it. Blogging every day in October I mean. I only managed 24 posts. Of course, that was a lot more than I would have done otherwise, so I think I am happy with the outcome. I would like to blog more often than I do (I love having a record of my life!) and I think that blogtober has helped me focus more on blogging, so that's got to be good! Today I am feeling tired. Still getting over this wretched virus. Mr 17 who was sick much worse than me is now starting to feel himself again, so I'm sure I will be tip top by the end of the week! Of course I did shop till I dropped today at Spotlight, Patchwork with Gail B, and Ikea. I should be tired! I did go and get more fabric for Mr 11's shaggy flannel quilt. Now I have all the ingredients and I have a deadline. Thursday night. (It's a race Sarah!)


Sarah said...

Oh crap - THURSDAY... I better start clipping than stitching!!! I was hoping you would start another project!!!

Lotti said...

It's not good that you have been sick. I've banned Viruses from my house .... Oh have fun finishing that quilt you are working on. I just love that little baby girl. So peaceful

Shay said...

You did brilliantly with 24 posts Kris especially when you spent some time all germy AND had visitors!

Lorraine said...

well done! hope the virus disappears soon.....no fun! I have just bought fabric for a shaggy quilt....my 2012 winter quilt.....so my deadline is a little while away!