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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello November, a Public Holiday, and a Transformation.

Today is a public holiday here in Victoria. A public holiday in honour of a horse race. I was happy to have the holiday although I didn't watch the horse race at all. Oh. And it's November. Hard. To. Believe. Christmas is almost here which means that 2012 is just moments away. Oh well, this year has just flown for me. I am going to take a leaf out of the "Blogtober" book and attempt to blog more often so I can remember better all the things that just fly by! Today has been a day of buttonholes for me and hopefully this evening will be an evening of buttons! Mrs 27 has been busy sewing whilst visiting and I am doing the buttons and buttonholes for her. (You can see her sewing here.) Oh. And I did finish the lounge room transformation. Here is the proof!

The new sit and do space.  Mr 11 was building a flat pack for me. I stapled fabric to the inside of the "Billy" doors to hide the stuff. I like the cupboards much better now.
The TV and sitting area (with the superhero, The Blur!)
The TV and sitting area without The Blur. My sewing room is to the right of this picture through a large opening. It's floor space and the sitting room's floor space combine to make it feel like one larger space. It's not for everyone, but having my sewing area in the center of our family living seems to work best for us.


Suzanne said...

I think it is nice to have your family around while sewing. I raised my kids with the sewing machine in the middle of it all.

Lotti said...

Hey Mrs. Life at Rosemary hill .... I love the fabric on the doors of your cupboard ... very pretty. I always did love those cupboards. There's that gorgeous boy again ... he seems to pop up in lots of your posts. Hope you are well now ... thinking of you.