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Monday, 7 November 2011

Do you like books?

I do. I have always loved to read. Ever since I got the hang of reading in my head (without saying the words aloud) I have loved it. It was such a significant moment for me that I remember it distinctly. I spent most of my spare time in childhood reading. I used it to pass the time, to cheer myself up, and to distract myself from pain and it worked brilliantly for all those things. It was also fun. My brother and sister were regularly sent to their rooms for time out or for a punishment. I never was because my mother recognised that I was never as happy as when I was alone in my room reading. I read everything. Even labels. It was all fascinating to me.

My local Lincraft store has craft books 3 for $20. This is one I bought today.
 I love to look at quilting and craft books. Mostly I don't make anything from them, but I love to look. I guess they are all inspirational. This is one I am looking at tonight. I love the piecing in these blocks. Piecing is one of my favourite parts of the quilting process.

So after today's jaunt to the shops I have three new books to read. All with fantastic photos too! Oh. And an update on the shaggy flannel quilt - I have got it half put together. A little more work tomorrow and then it will just need snipping. I am off to read and then hopefully dream of piecing fabric together!

Machine piecing is my favourite!


Lotti said...

YES ... that's a resounding yes !! I love love love books. Books have been the most significant thing in my life by far. These books looks totally awesome .... gorgeous.

Shay said...

I'm a book girl too (and yes I read labels as well!)

Enjoy your new haul. Those pictures look fabulous.

Khris78 said...

Yes i love to read too.... i find it hard to decide whether to read or craft in my limited spare time :)

Pip said...

I love reading too, love looking at quilt books as well, good for when you don't want to stitch, just be inspired