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Friday, 21 October 2011

Older - blogtober

Happy Birthday!
 Mr 10 became Mr 11 today. We had a birthday dinner with him this evening. It's quite strange to think that my baby is 11. It seems like just the other day that we went to the hospital so that I could push him out. It didn't take long actually. We were only there for a couple of hours before he arrived. All 11 odd pounds of him. Of course, a lot has changed. When he was born all my children were children. Now some of them have children! Only half of them are left at home and even they are old! I think he had a good evening. He is downstairs watching an action movie with the others. (I don't know. Action movies are just not my thing.)

Happy Lights
This is the only bit of the lounge room reshuffle that I feel happy to show you. My one year old granddaughter calls these happy lights. No, it doesn't need subsequent trips to Ikea, I am just not finished yet. Maybe I will be done sometime tomorrow. And when I am done. There will be photos!


Sarah said...

Pushed out an 11 pounder - phow weeee

Lotti said...

Clever lady pushing out an 11 pounder ... my biggest was 7lb 14oz and I thought that was big enough. I love the happy lights .... I think one year old granddaughter has named them aptly. I call balloons happy because they always look so pretty when there are lots of them together.

Amanda said...

My oldest was 11 the other week, he had his party today bowling and laser skirmish... best party ever apparently. Luckily he wasn't quite 8 pounds and it was quite an eventful birth full of call for theatre and him in distress and them needing to get him out quick which they did and he was none the worse for the ordeal the same could not be said for me lol. Can't believe it is 11 years ago though how time flies and how life changes.