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Friday, 7 October 2011

A week of pies and tarts - blogtober

A couple of pies, and some tarts from this week's sewing. I tend to do this stitching in the evening, when I can't possibly concentrate on anything else because I am just too tired or too done with the day. No such stitching this evening though. I did a little quilting on the red and white quilt this afternoon (3/4 done now) and then developed a headache so promptly took it off to bed. That's where I am now, contemplating sleep. (And wondering if I know how to turn my Bradley's phone sounds off because he is asleep and keeps getting SMSes. I'll have to work it out or wake him up I think!)


Shay said...

The more I see your pies and tarts the more I'm thinking I should do one of these for myself...they're gorgeous.

Hope you got that phone fiasco sorted!

Rowantree Design said...

Hi, I was so excited last week to complete my first quilt, yeah! A disappearing 9 square? The experience was great seeing it all come together after cutting and then cutting some more. I am passionate about textiles, I have a huge collection. Love those pies and tarts but can't figure out how they work.

Q said...

ack... I just realised you are doing a post a day for October... *Squirms* I am just managing to start my first one for October!

Great work so far, good luck with the rest of the month. Love those pies and tarts!

Selina said...

Very nice! Love your blog. I hope you don't mind that I did a little feature on my blog of some new to me blogs and included yours. Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

YAY they are moving along!

Jantine said...

That was a lot of quilting this week, maybe that caused the headache? Love the square quilting in your quilts and I agree: it is definitely slower than free motion quilting!