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Monday, 3 October 2011

Our Pods, Blogtober

 I am still busy organising things here at Rosemary Hill. (Rosemary Hill is what our home is always called. Mostly because no matter where we live one of the first things I do is plant a rosemary bush. Love rosemary!) This is what one of the pods that held our stuff for six months looked like.

Mr 10 in superhero mode
It was kind of nice living in our house without a lot of stuff. There was sooo much room! I don't want you to think that there weren't upsides to having no stuff. Space is lovely. Of course, I am a stuff kind of person (You don't become a patchworker with a stash without an appreciation for stuff!) but I am beginning to wonder if we perhaps have too much stuff? So last week I got Mrs 27 (picklesticks) who was visiting with her bloke and three gorgeous children to photograph the kid's artwork from 2006 so I could get rid of it. (Great idea, right?) Now I am one folder down (It doesn't sound like much, does it?) and I have actually looked through the artwork too!

left to right, Miss 14, Mr 10 and Mr 17
Speaking of those visitors, we had picklesticks and her family and we had a surprise visit from Miss 19 as well. It was a lovely time and we are all missing them (especially my Bradley. He is "Pa" to the grandchildren and he is missing them mightily. He is missing that Miss 19 too of course. He had the privilege of driving her home to Adelaide and so got to spend nine hours with her in the car. Driving long distances can be fun!) Anyway, back to the sorting. And maybe to some throwing out? We'll see...


Ann Marie said...

Moving is great, it is the best time to purge, and the farther you move the better. We moved 3 blocks, and that was the worst move ever! Didn't throw out anything!

Lotti said...

glad to hear you had a lovely time with those little grandies, and their parents. Must be so nice to be able to spend time with them and enjoy them. Nice that Bradley could spend time bring Miss 19 back over here. You guys must own a share of the highway by now. My Mr. 25 and his girlfriend travelled over to Melbourne for the Grand Final w/end and just got back tonight. They had a nice time. Think he might be moving over there mid next year.

Katherine said...

Lovely to hear that you had some visits from your family. Must be tough when you no longer live close to one another, but I bet you make the most of the visits.

Good luck with the sorting. I'm looking around our place and thinking I need to do more of the same. Somehow, the "stuff" in a household can really add up! lol

sandra said...

we do all seem to gather too much 'stuff'. I like the idea of photos of the childrens art, I had never thought to do that. Maybe someone would look at it in years to come.

Lorraine said...

Was great to catch up with you last week.....hmmm.....one folder less..that's a start! Well done on the blogtober thing (so far) - I won't be attempting to post every day......it would make for some very boring blogging! "went to work - came home - slept" ...LOL