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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My how the weather has changed! - blogtober

The coldest day ever!
You know I'm struggling for blog fodder when I start talking about the weather, right? Well, I have done some sewing today, but there are no photos! So perhaps I am struggling for images. Today was warm. My Davis weather station told me it got to 30 degrees celcius in my backyard today. Our first really warm day for the season here in Melbourne. The photo above was taken in August when our grandson came to visit us for a little holiday. It was soooo cold that day at the playground that immediately after this photo was taken he agreed to put a jumper on! (Something that has only happened a couple of times this year.) Well, two months later and he is visiting again and it is hot! He has had to eat several ice blocks today to keep cool. In fact, we all have!

I managed to sew a little of a dress for granddaughter two today. This morning we had a friend come by to learn to sew. She is determined to sew clothes for her daughter. She started by learning to thread the machine and do a little sewing. Then she traced a pattern and cut it out. I think if she enjoys the sewing she will actually do it because she is very determined. Next week she will come back to learn how to put the shorts together. I have decided to sew one day a week and invite others to come sew with me. I so miss my sewing groups that I sewed with last year that I decided I should make my own happen. I'll let you know if anyone turns up next week!


Lotti said...

You are so resourceful. When you can't go to a group, you just make your own. I'm sure everyone will enjoy sewing with you. If I was in Melbourne, I'd come to your sewing group for sure. I'd love to see the dress you made.

Suzanne said...

Glad you are organizing a sewing group. Wonderful idea!

Lorraine said...

I miss catching up with you over some stitching :(
The weather here was hot yesterday....and it's like the calm before the storm here this morning....warm and very still.....had to ditch the jacket for walking this morning...yikes t-shirt weather at 6.15am.

Sue said...

do you think I could commute every week?