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Friday, 28 October 2011

A yellow dress this time - blogtober

It looks a little yellow here, but in real life it is a buttery yellow.
It's hard to believe from this photo that this dress is the same as the one in yesterday's photo, but it is. Here it looks to me like a doll dress and like it wouldn't fit that granddaughter of mine at all, but it does. I haven't done much else today. A couple of school runs. That's about it. My Bradley even had to go off to the fish and chip shop to procure some dinner for us tonight. Chips and dim sims which caused a cry of glee from the very young here. Maybe I'll go look at the gleeful chips and dim sims.


Daisy Jayne said...

love it, just a nice simple elegant and refreshing pattern.
lucky little girl to have just a mutli skilled gran

Lotti said...

that's cute. enjoy the chips and dim sims. I'm having trouble downloading photos for my blog..... so I'm off to see if I can have any better luck.

Anna said...

I love, it's absolutely gorgeous!