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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Visitors! - blogtober

daughter-in-law, along with her nephew (grandson)


my Bradley along with granddaughter 2

picklesticks and granddaughter 2
It's a family kind of weekend here, with picklesticks (daughter) visiting with her three children and our daughter-in-law visiting on the tail end of a business trip. So, a full house today and a busy one at that. We have grand plans to spend a week or two sewing. We'll see how we go!


Lotti said...

How exciting ... did you know that they were coming, or was this a surprise. Oh the kids are so cute. I love the quilt over the feeding mum's knee. Love the photo of Bradley and the baby. Hope you have heaps of fun.

Sarah said...

A lovely lovey lovely.


Love that quilt again!

Suzanne said...

Nice to see the finished quilt being used. Family is the best!

Shay said...

I love family visits. There's something so wonderful about having people you love around!

Enjoy the visitors and good luck with the sewing!