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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sewing a shaggy flannel quilt - blogtober

Today I started sewing another one of those shaggy flannel quilts. I cut the flannel out sometime last year and cut out just over half of the batting last month, so I put a little over half of the quilt together today. I made a goal to make a shaggy flannel quilt for each of the kids who lived at home last year and this is the last one. (You can see the others here, here, here and here.) I figured Mr 11 won't be leaving home any time soon, but he is yearning for his very own flannel quilt. I am beginning to think though that his quilt may need to be a little bigger than originally planned and I might have to go to the fabric shop to purchase more flannel. Both of his brothers were 6 feet tall when thirteen which isn't all that far away now. Oh well, if I must go to the fabric shop, I must!


Shay said...

I love doing rag quilts. Fast , easy and delectably snuggly!

I'm sure Mr. 11 will love his once it's done. Yes bigger is a great idea. My nephew went from 4 feet 11 to 6 feet one seemingly overnight!

sandra said...

Bigger is good, save having to extend it later as I had to do for my 6'2" boy.
Boys seem to be taller than they were when I was young.

Suzanne said...

You are such a great Mom...making the sacrifice for your son (lol). My son is 6'5", so I am crocheting him a huge blanket.

Sarah said...

Lets see if I can actually get around to snipping this one before you finish!!!

Lotti said...

I have to have a go at doing a rag quilt, I really have to ... they look so easy and come out looking so nice. I can see that it's a real chore for you to go to the fabric shop ... well I suppose if you must then you'd better go.