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Thursday, 20 October 2011

A partly finished dress - blogtober

I seem to talk about long term projects here quite a bit. This is one you may not have thought of as a long term project. A tiny dress that I cut out in 2010 for a granddaughter, that I am sewing in 2011 for a different granddaughter. I started sewing it yesterday, and whilst there has been progress today, it's not finished yet. I am using a seersucker fabric. I love seersucker! So soft, so cool in the summer months. Anyway, my fairly ordinary amount of sewing achieved today was because I embarked on a bigger project. I decided to shift my living room around. Something I have been thinking of for a while. Bam! I was hit with inspiration today and decided that THIS was the moment! It's not quite finished yet, but hopefully that will happen tomorrow. The shuffle neccessitated a visit to Ikea (of course) to pick up a now urgently needed item. All I can say is thank goodness Ikea is open until 9pm every week night here in Melbourne! I took "before" photos this morning, so if it turns out beautifully tomorrow I will show you. If I don't post it you can assume another visit to Ikea is in order!


Lotti said...

Your catch cry would be .... Ikea, Ikea, my kingdom for Ikea. If you have an Ikea nearby then I always know that you are at home Kristin. I love the little dress, it is so pretty. I love the pale flowers on the fabric they are so pretty.

Daisy Jayne said...

Kris, love the dress, very pretty,
seesucker love the feeling, my mum use to make dresses for my sister and I in seesucker - memories

Sarah said...

ha ha you are just like me!!!


got to do