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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Blogtober Fest

 It's the second of October, but here goes. I am going to join in with Blogtober Fest, which means a post a day in October. I saw it here on Sarah's blog first and if you click the button to the right you can find the links to everyone participating. A great way to discover new blogs and to find more inspiration!

Gluing paper and fabric together
I did spend most of September working on my Pies and Tarts quilt. Mostly it was just a little each evening and there has been progress from a little each day. Some of the progress has been physical, but some has been mental too. Yes, I made a decision about the quilt. I decided I wasn't completely invested in a 100 pie quilt. So at the moment I am planning to make a 48 pie quilt, which means I am only eight pies away from a complete quilt. Eight pies and 30 tarts. Maybe one day I will pull the other five months of the BOM out and make a second quilt. Maybe.

36 pies joined together
I am still working on my Tis the Season and am up to basting the quilt. I have pulled out two other quilt tops to baste when I do it tomorrow. So this week should be a week full of quilting! (I love quilting!) I am also planning to keep working on the pies and tarts each day. Oh. And I'm planning to blog every day. (That means taking more photos, something else I love!) See you tomorrow!


Suzanne said...

I like this quilt pattern very much. I had already decided to try and post each day during the month of October, so I also signed up...thanks for sharing the blog site

Shay said...

So we'll have the pleasure of your company every day for a month ? Cool!

I love the pies and tarts quilt. It looks fantastic. Maybe I should put this on my list for 2012?

Sarah said...

little by little and that pie tart quilt will be finished. I am really liking it.

Yay daily blogging and blog hopping!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love this one Kris....

Chookyblue...... said...

your pies and tarts is looking great.........good to hear there is TTS quilting happening...........

Katherine said...

Oh, Kris, your pies and tarts quilt is looking so lovely! Such pretty colours - makes me think of a candy shop display.

frog cottage said...

I love the colours of your pies and tarts. I chose reproduction fabrics for mine, but I can see another one will have to be added to my to do list. I do mine each night so Im keeping up to date with my BOM
Keep going I love it
Happy Stitching
Deb :)