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Monday, 17 October 2011

Tidying the Sewing Room - blogtober

One of the things my daughter and I plan to do whilst she's here is sew together. Of course, it's never quite that simple, is it? My sewing room is messy. The pinboards aren't on the wall and my cutting out table is piled high. Then there's the washing, meal preparation, and child tending. Let's just say that we haven't started sewing yet. However, today we did make a dent in the mess and the washing. Oh. And the pinboards are finally up. Tomorrow looks like more of the same and then Wednesday we should be sewing!


Lotti said...

Lucky you ... how nice to have someone to sew with .... I think that gives you more encouragement to sew than when you are just there on your own. It could be a challenge with the little ones to look after, but still it sounds like great fun. Jonas is gorgeous as always ... he has lovely hair. Bet your daughter is loving spending time with you for lots of love and support.

Sarah said...

That is it make a plan and if it changes - the changes will be worth it... especially with cute little people hanging around!

Shay said...

I clean my sewing room up at least once a week . I don’t know how it gets so messy so fast!

Once you can find everything you’ll enjoy sewing a lot more (until you trash it again!)Have fun.

Life's little stuff said...

yes my sewing area often looks like a huge craft bomb hit it and often spreads to various other tables. Not sure how it happens exactly but is a good feeling when you get to the surface of the table after a clean up. Hope sewing time finds you tomorrow Hugs MnM