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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Sewing finishes!

This is the stitching bag I have made for my angel stitcher swap partner. I hope she likes it. I think she will because I think she wants new stitching bags! This photo is the one most in focus so I put it first so that you will be lulled away into a false sense of security and believe that there will be good things to look at in this post. It's working, right?

This is the front of the bug bag

And the back of the bug bag. I have yet to put the drawstring cord in this bag. Have to go to the shop and buy some cord.
I sewed a green shirt today! This is for my grandson and goes with the overalls I finished some time ago. I have a bunch of similar outfits cut out that need sewing up. I have also been altering navy blue shorts for Miss 16 to wear to school when it is hot. They were just too long for her (she's not very tall) so I took them up 23 cms! School starts again next monday so I need to get her organised.


Lotti said...

That bag is so cool....when you showed me the fabric I thought it would look nice, but seeing it made up it looks so nice. The little shirt for the baby is gorgeous...so cute!!

Julie said...

Pretty bug bag! More impressive clothing. :-)

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love the bag.
i've not done a lot of stitching - apart from a big of cross stitch. i think it will be the next thing i work on.
i'm amazed at the shirt - i can only sew a line skirts - i'm very impressed.

Cosy said...

How lucky is your swap partner! Beautiful bag!

MissyMack said...

I love that bag!! It is just gorgeous!! And the little, 'may all your bugs be butterflies,' is just so cute! :D Well done! That is going to be one very lucky swap partner!

Mary said...

what a pretty bag! And that shirt!!! wow can you sew or what?!:O)