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Monday, 6 October 2008

Public holiday Monday

Photo - Clivia taken at the Adelaide Botanical Gardens yesterday.

Today was labour day here in South Australia. I have had a very slow day. Mrs 24 and the grandson came over and spent some time this morning. I was in bed stitching (another one of my favourite places to stitch!) and Mrs 24 and her progeny sat on the couch in my bedroom and visited with me. I spent some time at the best garden shop in Adelaide (Garden Grove) with Miss 11 and Mr 7. I finished stitching my butterflies and turned one of them into a bag. And we went to a friend's house for a barbeque this evening. We took salads and dessert. (Hey Mrs 24! We made apple and custard danishes from here and strawberry jam and custard ones too!) All in all a pretty fun day. Tomorrow we are back to the holidays. Basketball training camp. Physiotherapy visits at the hospital. School shopping (new books, new socks). It doesn't sound like much, but I think that will pretty much take me all day!


corry said...

Sounds like a fun day indeed! Thanks for the recipe link and the beautiful flowers!

Julie said...

How does your school calendar work? Are your kids just now starting a new school year? Ours started in August.

The Patchwork Apple- Jane said...

What a lovely place our Botanical Gardens. Should go again soon....
I had a lovely holiday yesterday too. I actually sewed all day!!!
Can't say too much of what I was making but all will be revealed @ the Gathering. Only 2 weeks away!!

Leanne said...

Hi Kris,
Just catching up on the 600 odd posts in bloglines Urrr Stitching in bed now that is interesting what happens when you lose a needle....we have a water bed that could be disastrous.