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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Helen Stubbings at the Gathering in the Hills!

Well, I went to my first quilting workshop! I had a truly wonderful time. It was a fun day in a lovely space. (It was held at the Lobethal Woollen Mills. They used to be part of Onkaparinga's manufacturing operation, but that closed down some years ago. The buildings are now used as a Market, Art Gallery, National Costume Museum, and for various small businesses.) We used an artist's space at the back of the Gallery and it was so pretty with all of the Patchwork Apple's fabrics and bits and pieces in it.

The workshop was hosted by the Patchwork Apple's Jane Green (left) and taught by Helen Stubbings (right). It was great to meet Helen. She is a really lovely lady. I also met two bloggers that I hadn't met before, (Lorraine and Marcia) and they were so nice too! I always say that bloggers are some of the nicest people on earth, so I'm not sure why I was so surprised at just how friendly and happy and kind these bloggers are!

There was morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. The day had a cupcake theme so, of course, there were cupcakes to eat! We were given goodie bags with lovely bits and pieces from Jane. Miss 11 loved the bag. She went through it when I got home and declared that it was just like a showbag, but better! (She also declared that Jane should be in charge of all the showbags at the Royal Show! Now there's a job you'd love Jane!!!)

A Patchwork Apple gathering would not be complete without some apples in the middle of the table for both decoration and sustenance! The Patchwork Apple was first opened in Lenswood at Jane's house some 14 years ago. Jane and her husband grow apples and cherries on their property at Lenswood and a visit to the Patchwork Apple was also a visit to their orchards! Now the Patchwork Apple is in Woodside, which is why Woodside is one of my favourite Adelaide Hills' towns!


On my Verandah.. said...

Kris your Block looks fabulous...what a great class & your pics looks Gorgeous too...Go On do the Baltimore Quilt it looks Divine....Go On You know You Want To...

The Patchwork Apple- Jane said...

How nice, Kris. Photos are lovely bar the one of me eating!!! yuk...
Surely some photos lie!! Great wrap thanks so much. We had a brilliant day. We all had fun and even learn lots from Helen.

Leanne said...

What a shame I missed this ...it looked like fun.