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Friday, 31 October 2008


Lichen. I really love it! It is so beautiful. I think the first time I really became conscious of lichen was when I was 10 and living in Brisbane. The colours are just beautiful. And the shapes. This photo (and the one below) was taken on Sunday at my sister-in-law's house in Hahndorf.

Moss. It's great stuff! I remember collecting moss on the way home from school when I was 5 and lived in Adelaide. It was just like carpet. But the softest, most luxurious carpet I had ever seen. I loved the colour. I used to collect it and take it home in the vain hope of planting it in our yard. It never grew. It used to make me think of the velvet in the drapery at Marco Crescent.

This photo of gum flowers was taken at Hahndorf too. In the park in the main street whilst I was there yesterday with Mrs 24 and Mr 4 months. Mr 4 months is very taken with trees. Especially when they blow in the wind. He was mesmerised by these pretty flowers so I thought I would take a photo of them. This afternoon I began drawing these flowers for some new colourque projects I have been dreaming about. It's funny how inspiration strikes you! I am inspired by nature!


LOUISE said...

Great lichen and moss. I have been meaning to post photos of similar on my garden blog for some time. A garden wouldn't be a garden without some, and I often see many types on our rides in the country too. x

Bird Bath said...

ahh, I'm a fan of lichen and moss too. Ilove the colours and textures...love how you used it in your new banner!
Hahndorf would be a lovely day out...