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Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Garden

Yesterday I showed you some photos from my garden. In respect for the truth I now must show you this photo. I am great at growing all plants! (Even weeds!) This is one of my gigantic thistles. Looking at thistles makes me happy. Remember blowing thistle seeds when you were young? Such fun! Of course, I didn't grow this thistle on purpose. It's just another self-sown plant in my garden. Isn't it beautiful?


Lurline's Place said...

Hi Kris,
Nice to visit your blog - Me, too - I'm growing(or was!)weeds! Everything is beautiful now and I am going to become a quilter again.
I've found you through Maree's blog - always nice to see what is happening in other places and I chat with so many folks in the US, so it is nice to come across anothr Aussie.
Hugs - Lurline!

Kate said...

I seem to have a garden like your sat the moment - many many thistles!

Suzanne said...

All plants are beautiful...some just more than others. Even thistle!

Julie said...

OH, the joys of gardening.

Lotti said...

Hey, my weeds are not as beautiful at yours....but then maybe I haven't looked closely enough. We used to call these faries when I was growing up and yep blew all the white fairy wings away.

Bird Bath said...

Yes, you have a fine specimen there. We too had plenty of these in our backyard recently...fun for the kids.

LOUISE said...

I remember blowing off all the seeds as a kid. Now I make sure I cut off as many flowerheads as I can before the seeds have a chance to form! I must admit I haven't featured weeds on my garden blog yet, but may well snap some now I have seen yours. x