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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Another Week

I like to make goals. Accomplishing things makes me happy! This week I want to finish off and send my angel stitching. I also have grandson sewing that needs doing and I really want to start sewing some summer clothing for me. I have a wonderful weekend coming up because I am going to the patchwork apple's gathering in the hills with Helen Stubbing! I feel so lucky and can't wait.

This is another photo taken at the botanical gardens on that glorious day last weekend. I am fickle! Last weekend was glorious (can't remember the temperature) and this weekend was stinking hot (29 and 33). It's a fine line between gratitude and disdain, isn't it? Well, here's hoping I will be more grateful than disdainful this week!


Julie said...

Lovely water lily. I don't like hot weather either. I hope to get my stitching angel stuff done soon too!
I am so envious over your weekend with Helen.

Sarah said...

OH oh oh You will see Helen : ) I will tell her to seek you out and say hello from me (wink).