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Friday, 3 December 2010


Mr 16 is still working on perfecting his juggling. He can juggle three balls pretty well now. The new challenge? Four balls! And after that rings, clubs, knives... It's full on here!


Shay said...

So long as he doesnt decide to juggle running chain saws it's all good Kris.


Leanne said...

How about burning torches.

Levin said...

i'd make him go outside to do the knives!!!

Jantine said...

They era doing the same here. Esther had to learn to juggle with three balls at least 6 times for gym at school and Lucas had physiotherapies and had to learn it with 2!

Lorraine said...

Mark came over for dinner the other night...and just had to juggle the lemons from the bowl on the table....he is the only juggler in our family..I just can't get it at all....although I do ok with work/life etc.....!

Pip said...

Hmm, I thought about chainsaws as well. I don't think I am co-ordinated enough to try juggling although I'm told it is just practise, practise, practise.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Something about boys and juggling. My son taught himself although I think he never got past 3 balls. As long as he doesn't try to juggle fire clubs all should be well.